The DayPilotNavigator type exposes the following members.


Public methodDayPilotNavigator
Initializes a new instance of the DayPilotNavigator class


Protected methodAddAttributesToRender (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodAddedControl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodAddParsedSubObject (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodApplyStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public methodApplyStyleSheetSkin (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodBuildProfileTree (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodClearChildControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodClearChildState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodClearChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodConfirmInitState (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Public methodCopyBaseAttributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodCreateControlCollection (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodCreateControlStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodCreateDataSourceSelectArguments (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodCreateChildControls (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodDataBind()()()() (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected methodDataBind(Boolean) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodDataBindChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodDispose (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodEnsureDataBound (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected methodEnsureChildControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodEnsureID (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFindControl(String) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodFindControl(String, Int32) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetCallbackResult
Returns the results of a callback event that targets a control.
Protected methodGetData (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodGetDataSource (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodGetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodHasControls (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodHasEvents (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodIsLiteralContent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodLoadControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodLoadViewState (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodMapPathSecure (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodMarkAsDataBound (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodMergeStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodOnBubbleEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnDataBinding (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOnDataBound (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected methodOnDataPropertyChanged (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodOnDataSourceViewChanged (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodOnInit (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected methodOnLoad
Handles the Load event.
(Overrides DataBoundControl..::..OnLoad(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPagePreLoad (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Protected methodOnPreRender (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected methodOnUnload (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodOpenFile (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodPerformDataBinding
Binds data from the data source to the control.
(Overrides DataBoundControl..::..PerformDataBinding(IEnumerable).)
Protected methodPerformSelect
Retrieves data from the associated data source.
(Overrides DataBoundControl..::..PerformSelect()()()().)
Protected methodRaiseBubbleEvent (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRaiseCallbackEvent
Processes a callback event that targets a control.
Public methodRaisePostBackEvent
When implemented by a class, enables a server control to process an event raised when a form is posted to the server.
Protected methodRemovedControl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRender
Renders control HTML.
(Overrides WebControl..::..Render(HtmlTextWriter).)
Public methodRenderBeginTag (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodRenderContents (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public methodRenderControl(HtmlTextWriter) (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodRenderControl(HtmlTextWriter, ControlAdapter) (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodRenderEndTag (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodRenderChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodResolveAdapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResolveClientUrl (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodResolveUrl (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSaveControlState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected methodSaveViewState (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodSetDesignModeState (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodSetRenderMethodDelegate (Inherited from Control.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodTrackViewState (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected methodValidateDataSource (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)


Public propertyAccessKey (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected propertyAdapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAttributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyBackColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyBindCommand
A command that will be sent to the bound control when the selection changes.
Public propertyBindingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBorderColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyBorderStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyBorderWidth (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyBoundDayPilotClientObjectName
BoundDayPilotClientObjectName of the DayPilot control that will be updated after selection change.
Public propertyBoundDayPilotID
ID of the DayPilot control that will be updated after selection change.
Public propertyCallBackErrorJavaScript
Gets or sets the Javascript code that is executed on error during AJAX callback.
Public propertyCellHeight
Gets or sets the cell height in pixels.
Public propertyCellWidth
Gets or sets the cell width in pixels.
Public propertyClientID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyClientIDSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyClientObjectName
JavaScript instance name on the client-side. If it is not specified the control ClientID will be used.
Protected propertyContext (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyControls (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyControlStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyControlStyleCreated (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyCssClass (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyCssClassPrefix Obsolete.
Specifies the prefix of the CSS classes that contain style definitions for the elements of this control.
Public propertyCssOnly Obsolete.
Whether to ignore all style properties. Only CSS styling will be used.
Public propertyDataEndField
Gets or sets the name of the column that contains the event ending date and time (must be convertible to DateTime).
Public propertyDataIdField
Gets or sets the name of the column that contains the id (primary key).
Public propertyDataMember (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Public propertyDataRecurrenceField
Name of the data source field that contains recurrence information string.
Public propertyDataServerTagFields
Gets or sets the name of the fields that contain the custom event data. These fields will be only accessible in the BeforeEventRender event handler.
Public propertyDataSource (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Public propertyDataSourceID (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Public propertyDataSourceObject (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Public propertyDataStartField
Gets or sets the name of the column that contains the event starting date and time (must be convertible to DateTime).
Public propertyDataValueField Obsolete.
Gets or sets the name of the column that contains the id (primary key). Obsolete. Use .DataIdField instead.
Public propertyDayHeaderHeight
Day header height in pixels.
Public propertyDays
How many days are selected (calculated from SelectionStart and SelectionEnd).
Protected propertyDesignMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyEnabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyEnableTheming (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyEnableViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyEvents (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyFont (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyForeColor (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyHasAttributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected propertyHasChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHeight (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected propertyChildControlsCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyIdSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyInitialized (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected propertyIsBoundUsingDataSourceID (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Protected propertyIsEnabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected propertyIsChildControlStateCleared (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyIsTrackingViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyIsViewStateEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyLoadViewStateByID (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyNamingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyOrientation
Orientation of the months table (for ShowMonths > 1).
Public propertyPage (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyRequiresDataBinding (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Public propertyResourcesPath
The directory that contains static files (will be processed using ResolveUrl()).
Public propertyResourcesStatic
Whether the resources (.js and image files) should be loaded statically (from a directory specified in ResourcesPath).
Public propertyRowsPerMonth
How many rows per month should be displayed (always six or auto).
Protected propertySelectArguments (Inherited from DataBoundControl.)
Public propertySelectionEnd
Gets the current selection end date and time.
Public propertySelectionStart
Determines the selection start date (the selection end will be calculated automatically).
Public propertySelectMode
Select mode (day/week/month).
Public propertyShowMonths
How many months should be visible.
Public propertyShowWeekNumbers
Whether week numbers should be displayed.
Public propertySite (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySkinID (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertySkipMonths
How many months to skip when clicking previous ('<') and next ('>') links.
Public propertyStartDate
Gets or sets the first day to be shown. Default is DateTime.Today.
Public propertyStoreEventsInViewState
Whether the events should be stored in the ViewState.
Public propertyStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyTabIndex (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected propertyTagKey (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected propertyTagName (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyTemplateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTheme
Specifies the CSS theme.
Public propertyTimeRangeSelectedHandling
Handling of user action (clicking a free-time slot).
Public propertyTimeRangeSelectedJavaScript
Gets or sets the Javascript code that is executed when a user selects a time range.
Public propertyTitleHeight
Gets or sets the title height in pixels.
Public propertyToolTip (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public propertyUniqueID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyVisible (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyVisibleEnd
Gets the end of the visible range (date and time).
Public propertyVisibleRangeChangedHandling
Specifies action that should be performed after a user changes the visible time range.
Public propertyVisibleRangeChangedJavaScript
Javascript code that is executed when the users changes the visible time range.
Public propertyVisibleStart
Gets the start of the visible range (date and time).
Public propertyWeekNumberAlgorithm
Which method to use for calculating the week number. "Auto" selects US for WeekStarts=Sunday.
Public propertyWeekStarts
Determines the first day of week (Sunday/Monday/Auto).
Public propertyWidth (Inherited from WebControl.)


Public eventBeforeCellRender
Use this event to customize day cells.
Public eventBeforeEventRecurrence
This event is fired during event loading.
Public eventDataBinding (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventDataBound (Inherited from BaseDataBoundControl.)
Public eventDisposed (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventInit (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventLoad (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventPreRender (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventTimeRangeSelected
This event is fired when a user selects a time range.
Public eventUnload (Inherited from Control.)
Public eventVisibleRangeChanged
Fires when a the visible time range is changed and VisibleRangeChangedHandling is set to true.

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