This event is fired when a user moves an event by dragging.

Namespace: DayPilot.Web.Ui
Assembly: DayPilot (in DayPilot.dll) Version: 8.1.3443.0 (8.1.3443.0)


public event EventMoveEventHandler EventMove
Visual Basic
Public Event EventMove As EventMoveEventHandler
Visual C++
 event EventMoveEventHandler^ EventMove {
	void add (EventMoveEventHandler^ value);
	void remove (EventMoveEventHandler^ value);


When user starts moving the event, a shadow outlining the new position appears. When the mouse button is released, this event is fired on the server.
In the custom event handler you should decide whether the action is allowed. If so, update the persistent data storage (such as a database), call DataBind() and Update(). After calling Update() the events will be updated on the client-side.

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