5. Changing the Appearance

There are many options to change the default appearance:

Property Description Type Default value
BackColor Background color of a standard hour cell (business hours). Color #FFFFD5
BorderColor Color of the calendar border. Color #000000
DayFontFamily Font of the day header. string Tahoma
DayFontSize Size of the day header. Unit 10pt
EventBackColor Background color of an event. Color #FFFFFF
EventBorderColor Color of the event border. Color #808080
EventFontFamily Font of the event text. string Tahoma
EventFontSize Size of the event text. Unit 8pt
EventHoverColor Background color of an event when the cursors hovers over it.  Color #DCDCDC
EventLeftBarColor Color of the bar on the left side of an event. Color #0000FF
HourBorderColor Color of the border between two the last half in an hour and the following hour. Color #EAD098
HourFontFamily Font of the hour name. string Tahoma
HourFontSize Size of the hour name. Unit 16pt
HourHalfBorderColor Color of the border between the first and the second half in an hour. Color #F3E4B1
HourNameBackColor Backround color of the hour name. Color #ECE9D8
HourNameBorderColor Color of the border between hour names (vertical separator). Color #ACA899
HoverColor Background color of an hour cell when the cursor hovers over it. Color #FFED95
NonBusinessBackColor Background color of a non-business hour cell. Color #FFF4BC
HourHeight Hour height in pixels. Minimum is 30. It must be even.  int 40
HourWidth Width of the hour name in pixels. int 40
BusinessBeginsHour Hour when the business hours start. int 9
BusinessEndsHour Hour when the business hours end. int 18
NonBusinessHours Determines whether the non-business hours should be visible (if there is no event). NonBusinessHoursBehavior NonBusinessHoursBehavior.HideIfPossible
ShowHours Determines whether the hour names column should be visible. bool true
TimeFormat The time format - 12-hours cycle (3 PM) or 24-hours cycle (15:00). TimeFormat TimeFormat.Clock12Hours
Width Width of the control. Unit null

For appearance examples see the screenshots page.