See also the feature matrix.

ASP.NET Scheduler

asp.net scheduler control

The ASP.NET scheduler control displays a timeline for multiple resources.

  • Drag and drop operations (event creating, moving, and resizing), including drag and drop from external lists ("unscheduled events/tasks")
  • Full CSS support
  • Built-in themes
  • Common UI tasks (event editing, deleting, selecting, context menu, hover details, copy and paste, creating, moving, resizing)
  • Built-in controls for better user experience (integrated message bar, event status icons, inline event action hints, crosshair highlighting the current position)
  • Mobile/touch devices support
  • Resource groups arranged in a tree hierarchy
  • Resource header columns (resource summary, status, additional details)
  • Flexible timeline (scale ranging from minute to year, non-continuous timeline, non-linear timeline)
  • Time header groups (hours, day, weeks, months, years)
  • Large data sets support (10,000+ events): on-demand loading, progressive rendering
  • Industry-specific tutorials (hotel, restaurant, timesheet)
  • Internationalization (all text customizable, date/time formats, culture auto-detection, other than Gregorian calendars)
  • Grid cell customization (HTML, color, hover events)

ASP.NET Event Calendar (Day/Week/Resources as Columns)

asp.net event calendar

The ASP.NET event calendar control displays a traditional day/week/work week view (known from Outlook and Google Calendar) and a number of special views.

  • Full drag and drop support (event creating, moving, resizing)
  • Hover actions (delete icon, info icon, hover bubble with event details)
  • Timetable (displays special blocks instead of  hours on the Y axis)
  • Overnight shifts (days starting later than at 12 am that continue to the following day; useful for shift scheduling, TV program scheduler and similar views)
  • Full CSS support
  • Built-in themes (styled like Google Calendar, Outlook, and an online theme designer)
  • Mobile/touch devices support (iOS, Android, Windows 8); customizable gestures (tap, tap and hold, drag and drop)
  • Event arrangement modes for overlapping events (to save space in narrow columns)
  • Fixed column width option (allows to display 20+ days horizontally)
  • All-day events
  • Integrated controls for improved user experience (integrated message bar, hover icons, crosshair)
  • Internationalization (current culture auto-detection, localized date/time format, customizable texts, RTL direction, custom first day of week)
  • Resources view that allows to display resources instead of days on the X axis (an option to arrange resources in a tree hierarchy)
  • Integrated support for business hours (highlighting business hours, auto-scrolling to the business hours start).
  • Cell customization (set IsBusiness status, background color, custom HTML)
  • Event customization (custom HTML, background color, duration bar color, allow/deny drag and drop operations, hover icons, context menu)
  • Recurring events (built-in rule encoding system that requires a single varchar database field, support for custom encoding, recurrence rule editing dialog helper)
  • Custom event creating/editing modal dialogs

ASP.NET Monthly Calendar (One Week per Row)

asp.net monthly event calendar

The ASP.NET monthly calendar control displays a traditional month view (known from Outlook and Google Calendar) and similar views based on one-week-per-row layout. 

  • Drag and drop (event creating, moving, resizing)
  • Themes (selection of built-in themes, an online theme builder that let's you create a CSS theme that matches your palette) 
  • Integrated UI controls for better user experience (message bar, hover details, context menu)
  • Mobile/touch devices support (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Common UI tasks (event creating, deleting)


asp.net gantt chart control

The ASP.NET Gantt control displays a scheduler/timeline view with one task/event per row.

  • Based on the ASP.NET scheduler control
  • Task drag and drop (moving, resizing, creating)
  • Percent complete support (using the integrated bar at the top of the task box)
  • Touch/mobile devices supports (iPad, iOS, Android)
  • Themes
  • Full CSS support (all elements can be styled using CSS)
  • Customizable timeline (minute, hour, day, week, month, year scale, non-linear timeline displaying the first part on day level and the future outlook in month level)
  • Multiple columns with additional details (duration, assigned person, percent complete)