Weekly Event Calendar (AJAX Event Moving, Database)

asp.net calendar tutorial database event moving

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [embedded SQLite DB]

  • Week view
  • Drag&drop event moving

ASP.NET Scheduler Tutorial (AJAX Event Moving, SQL Server Database)

asp.net scheduler tutorial


  • How to load resources from a database
  • How to load events from a database
  • Drag and drop event moving
  • Year view (365 days), day scale (1 cell = 1 day), grouped by month
  • Default CSS theme
  • SQL Server database
  • Visual Studio 2012 solution
  • C# and VB source code

Weekly Event Calendar (Navigation)

asp.net calendar tutorial navigator integration

  • C# source
  • VB source
  • Embedded SQLite database
  • Integration with DayPilot Navigator
  • Week view
  • Drag&drop event moving

Event Calendar PDF Export

event calendar pdf export

  • Weekly event calendar export to PNG and PDF
  • C# source code
  • VB source code
  • Visual Studio 2010/2012 solution
  • SQL Server database
  • Custom PDF page size (Letter, A4)
  • PDF page orientation (portrait, landscape)
  • Custom PDF document header

Scheduler PDF Export

scheduler pdf export tutorial

  • C# Source
  • VB Source
  • Visual Studio 2010/2012 Solution
  • SQL Server Database
  • Custom PDF Page Size (Letter, A4)
  • PDF Page Orientation (Portrait, Landscape)
  • Custom Header Text

Event Calendar Printing

event calendar printing asp.net

  • Editable weekly event calendar
  • Special print page with custom layout, with the event calendar embedded as PNG image
  • C# Source
  • VB Source
  • Visual Studio 2010 Solution
  • SQL Server Database

Gantt PDF Export

gantt asp.net control pdf export


  • ASP.NET Gantt Control
  • Customizable scale - we are displaying one cell per day
  • Customizable time header - we are displaying days grouped by month
  • Adding a new task using a modal dialog
  • Editing a task using a modal dialog
  • PNG Export
  • PDF Export
  • Customizable PDF page format (Letter, A4)
  • Customizable PDF page orientation (portrait, landscape)

Scheduler with On-Demand AJAX Event Loading

asp.net scheduler with on demand loading


  • ASP.NET scheduler control that loads events for the current viewport from the server during scrolling
  • Configurable cache size
  • C# and VB.NET source code
  • SQL Server Database (LocalDB)
  • Visual Studio solution


Hotel Room Booking (Scheduler)

hotel reservation asp.net csharp vb sql

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [SQL Server]

  • Colors indicating the reservation phase
  • Rules for reservation updates (overlap forbidden, past reservations)
  • Filters for visible rooms (based on drop-down)
  • Modal dialog for event creating and editing
  • Message bar notification about user action result

ASP.NET Doctor Appointment Scheduling

asp.net doctor appointment scheduling

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [SQL Server]

  • Public interface for patients
  • Doctor's interface for managing appointments
  • Manager's interface for scheduling shifts
  • Using pre-defined appointment slots
  • Appointment status: "free", "waiting", "confirmed"
  • SQL Server database
  • Visual Studio 2013

ASP.NET Gantt - Project Management 

asp.net gantt project management

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [SQL Server]

  • ASP.NET Gantt Chart control
  • Drag and drop (task moving, resizing, link creating, row moving)
  • Dependencies (task links)
  • Task groups
  • Milestones
  • Task duration in a special column
  • Context menu for task creating and deleting
  • Visual Studio sample solution
  • C# source code
  • VB.NET source code
  • Includes a trial version of DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms

Restaurant Table Reservation (Scheduler)

restaurant table reservation asp net

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [SQL Server]

  • Displaying tables in restaurant sections (Inside, Terrace)
  • Displaying table seats in an additional column
  • Disabling drag&drop operations for parent nodes (restaurant sections)
  • Time headers (day, hour, minutes)
  • Highlighting conflicting reservations
  • Reservation filter (find frees table by time and/or number of people)

Weekly ASP.NET Timetable (Calendar)

timetable asp.net

  • C# source
  • VB source
  • SQL Server
  • Weekly ASP.NET timetable
  • Displays time slots (blocks) with custom size (block number is mapped to the hour component of the DateTime)
  • Inline editing of the block properties using active areas.
  • Custom event color in combination with CssOnly mode (CSS styling).
  • Loads events and blocks from SQL Server database.
  • Full calendar CSS styling (calendar_green theme).
  • Integrates DayPilot Navigator for switching the week.

Timetable with Custom CSS Theme

timetable asp.net css theme

  • C# source
  • VB source
  • SQL Server database
  • Visual Studio 2010/Visual Studio 2012 solutions
  • Weekly timetable
  • Timetable CSS theme modified to show grid lines with 4px width
  • Timetable block editing (start and end time, name)
  • Timetable records editing using drag and drop (creating and moving the events)

Timetable with Recurring Events

asp.net timetable recurrence

Basic timetable features:

  • Based on the DayPilot event calendar ASP.NET control
  • Overview of events scheduled for the selected week
  • Changing the selected week using a date navigator
  • Time blocks with customizable start and end time (inline editing using header active areas)
  • Drag and drop event creating
  • Drag and drop event moving
  • Drag and drop event resizing
  • Custom event background color
  • Editable event description
  • Full calendar CSS support
  • Custom CSS theme
  • Storing data in an SQL Server database (sample database included)
  • C# source code of the sample project
  • VB source code of the sample project

Advanced timetable features (recurrence):

  • Support for recurring events
  • Recurring events are marked with a special icon
  • Customizable recurrence rules (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Exceptions from the rules (different time, description, color for a specified occurrence)

Courtroom Schedule (Scheduler)

courtroom schedule

  • C# source
  • VB source
  • SQL Server database
  • Queue of unscheduled cases
  • Courtrooms displayed in a tree (with buildings as parents)
  • Scheduling cases using drag&drop from the unscheduled list
  • Available time slots limited to working hours (8 am - 6 pm)
  • Custom CSS theme

Event Calendar with ModalPopupExtender for Event Editing

event calendar asp.net modalpopupextender

  • C# source
  • Visual Studio 2010 Solution
  • SQL Server connection using SqlDataSource
  • Modal popup using ModalPopupExtender (event creating, event editing)
  • UpdatePanel partial PostBacks mixed with fast internal CallBacks


Recurring Events (Calendar)

asp.net calendar recurring events

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [SQL Server]

  • Displays recurring events
  • Integrated dialog for recurrence rule editing
  • Supports rule exceptions
  • Recurrence data stored in a single database field (SQL Server)

Shift Scheduling (Calendar, Scheduler)

shift scheduling asp net

[C# source] [VB.NET source] [SQL Server]

  • Assign people to locations
  • Overview page with all locations (based on the Scheduler)
  • Supports recurring assignments
  • View by person (based on the Calendar)
  • View by location (based on the Calendar)
  • Agenda view (list of upcoming events, including expanded recurring assignments)
  • Conflict detection (multiple concurrent assignments for the same person)

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