DayPilot Pro 3.0

Released on 14 February 2007.

New features

  • Scrolling area. (See demo) The default height of the calendar is now defined by the business hours (i.e. HeightSpec = HeightSpecEnum.BusinessHours). That means the business hours are always visible and you have to scroll up or down to see the rest of the calendar.
    • The starting scroll position is set to the first business hour. You change it manually by setting ScrollPositionHour property.
    • If there is an event in a hidden part of the calendar it is indicated by a red label ("Scroll up" or "Scroll down").
    • If there is not enought space you can switch fixed height by setting  HeightSpec = HeightSpecEnum.Fixed and Height to the height in pixels.
    • You can also show the full calendar by setting HeightSpec = HeightSpecEnum.Full. In that case no scrollbar will appear.
  • Customizable number of cells per hour. (See demo) The previous versions always showed 2 cells per hour (30 minutes each). Now you can change it by setting CellsPerHour and CellHeight properties.
    • You can change the cell size to 5/6/10/12/15/20/30/60 minutes.
    • The event box size is always corresponding to the cell height. If you change the CellsPerHour to 4 then both the time cell size and minimum event size will be 15 minutes.
  • Showing resources instead of multiple days. (See demo) You can now show data for multiple resources (e.g. meeting rooms) side-by-side for a certain day.
    • It is similar to multiple-days view but the columns show resources instead of days.
    • Just a single day is supported (Days property will have no effect).
    • In order to use resources view you have to set ColumnMode property to ColumnModeEnum.Resources,specify the columns in Columns property and specify which field of the data source contains the Column id by setting DataColumnField property.
  • Space reserved for clicking a free time slot. Each column now keeps the total width of the events to 99% of the calendar so there is always the last 1% where you can click on the underlying time slot (the time slot cells were hidden totally in previous versions).

API changes

  • ShowHours property removed. It is no longer possible to hide the hour names (left column).
  • NonBusinessHours property removed. The functionality is replaced by the calendar height settings:
    • NonBusinessHours = NonBusinessHoursBehavior.Show (full height of the calendar, i.e. hours from 00:00 to 24:00) can be replaced by setting HeightSpecification = HeightSpec.Full
    • NonBusinessHours = NonBusinessHoursBehavior.Hide and NonBusinessHoursBehavior.HideIfPossible are replaced by the standard behavior (i.e. HeightSpecification = HeightSpec.BusinessHours). Now the business hours are always visible and a red label ("Scroll up" or "Scroll down") indicates that there are hidden events.
  • HourHeight property removed. It is replaced by CellsPerHour and CellHeight properties. Instead of HourHeight = 40 you should now use e.g. CellsPerHour = 2 and CellHeight = 20.