DayPilot Pro 3.1

Released on 1 March, 2007.

New features

(F01) Time range selecting

See demo (it's working in all examples).

The free time slot click behavior is changed:

Old behavior:

  1. When you hover the mouse cursor over a free time slot, the color changes (HoverColor property).
  2. When you click a free time slot a JavaScript event or PostBack is fired immediately.

New behavior:

  1. Hovering is disabled.
  2. When you click a free time slot the cell is selected (in blue color like in Outlook). A JavaScript/PostBack event is fired immediately.
  3. When you click and drag over the cells it will select a time range. When you release the mouse button in the same column it fires a JavaScript/PostBack event.
  4. The PostBack/JavaScript event always receives the following information: starting time, ending time and column id of the selected time range.

(F02) Event detail (including action menu)

See Context menu demo.

A context menu is available for events (on right click).

Old behavior:

  • When you hover the mouse cursor over an event, the color changes.
  • When you click the event with left mouse button, a custom JavaScript/PostBack event is called.

New behavior:

  • Hovering is disabled.
  • Left click fires JavaScript/PostBack event. Additional parameter (called "Tag") is available. It can contain any additional data that you need to pass to the events (string).
  • It is possible to specify a context menu that appear on right click.

Menu actions:

  1. For this version, custom JavaScript function is called. There are two parameters passed to this function: id and tag (specified by DataValueField and DataTagField respectively)
  2. In version 3.5, the action will include a server-side event (F06 Server callback events).

Note: Future versions will need to allow dynamic modification of the events on the client side or calendar redrawing. This is necessary because one of the typical menu actions for event will be 'Delete'.

(F03) Custom cell rendering

See Custom business hours demo.

There is a special event (BeforeCellRender) that is called before rendering any cell. There will be a chance to modify cell properties:

  • Business/NonBusiness
  • Background color

This allows new functionality, especially for business hours:

  • Specifying business hours for each day separately.
  • Allow weekend business hours.
  • Specifying overnight business hours (e.g. starting 5pm and ending 4am)

(F04) Custom event rendering

See Custom event formatting demo.

There is a special event (BeforeEventRender) that is called before rendering any event. There is a chance to modify event content and properties:

  • Custom color of the bar on the left side (now determined by EventLeftBarColor)
  • Custom background color
  • Custom event HTML (allows custom text formatting, images, etc.)
  • Custom event ToolTip (i.e. title="" XHTML attribute)

This will allow new functionality, useful especially for scheduling and time-tracking applications:

  • Different colors left bar for different types of events (for time-tracking applications, e.g. work/break/lunch or $100/$200/$300 per hour)
  • Icon for "repeating" event
  • More detailed information about the event

API changes

  • JavaScriptEventAction property is replaced by EventClickJSFunction.
  • FreetimeClickEventAction property is replaced by TimeRangeSelectedJSFunction.
  • FreetimeClickHandling property is replaced by TimeRangeSelectedHandling.
  • HoverColor is not available anymore.
  • EventHoverColor is not available anymore.