DayPilot Lite 2.3

Released on June 27, 2007.


  • ASP.NET AJAX compatibility. This is a breaking change that allows using DayPilot Lite inside an UpdatePanel control. It is possible to refresh the control using partial PostBacks (especially useful for changing the StartDate or refreshing after events were changed.). The events (EventClick and FreeTimeClick) can execute partial PostBack, either inside or outside of an UpdatePanel (as a trigger). See a demo.
  • Days property value limit (21 days) was removed.
  • Delegate declarations standardized (EventClick and FreeTimeClick).
  • Column right margin fixes for IE6 [ported from DayPilot Pro].
  • ShowToolTip property for turning off the event ToolTips [ported from DayPilot Pro].
  • Column margin (free space next to the events) can be set to any number of pixels using ColumnMarginRight property (default 5 pixels) [ported from DayPilot Pro].
  • Compatible with Safari 2 on MacOS X.
  • Live demo is available again: DayPilot Lite Demo


  • In the specification for DayPilot Lite 2.3, there was a fix for placing DayPilot Lite inside a scrollable <div> (overflow:scroll) planned. This is not working properly in IE6. However, that can't be fixed inside DayPilot Lite. Instead, add position:relative to the scrollable <div>.