DayPilot Pro 3.6 SP3

Released on 15 May, 2007.

Bugs fixed

Bug Situation Browsers Details
Cell height  CellHeight set to less than 17 pixels IE6 When CellHeight was set to 15 pixels in the Fine grained time cells demo the cell sizes heights were not corresponding to the cells in hour names column on the left.
Centered table cell DayPilot control placed inside a <td> element with align="center" attribute IE6 The calendar events were starting in the middle of a day/resource column and overlapping to the next column.
Deriving controls Deriving a new control from DayPilotCalendar or DayPilotMenu All The embedded JavaScript reference was broken (and no AJAX features working) in the derived control unless the base control was used as well in the same web application.

Improvements and new features

  • Days property maximum value limitation was removed (used to be 21).
  • ShowHours property preliminary support. Hour names column can be hidden by setting ShowHours to false. The support for ShowHours was removed in DayPilot 3.0 in connection with adding the scrolling area. The preliminary support means that the rendering is not perfect - there is a double left border visible if you set ShowHours to false. This will be fixed in one of the next releases, if possible.