DayPilot Pro 3.7

Released on 1 June, 2007.


(F12) Month view/DayPilotVertical

There is a new control (DayPilot Vertical) with switched axes.

Sample (vertical month view):

Sample (vertical resources view):

Basic feature comparison with DayPilotCalendar (see also an up-to-date version of this table):

Feature DayPilot Calendar DayPilotVertical
User actions/AJAX
Event moving  PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript  PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript
Event resizing PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript  PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript 
Event click PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript  PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript 
Event right click PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript  PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript 
Event editing PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript  not yet implemented*
Event deleting ("X" icon) PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript  not yet implemented*
Context menu PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript, NavigateUrl PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript, NavigateUrl
Time range selecting PostBack, CallBack, JavaScript simplified implementation (selects one hour on click)*
Read-only mode yes yes
Rendering events
BeforeEventRender yes yes
BeforeCellRender yes not yet implemented*
BeforeHeaderRender yes not yet implemented*
Hour axis vertical (y) horizontal (x)
Days/Resources axis horizontal (x) vertical (y)
Resources view yes yes
Data binding API


Scrolling area yes yes
Hidden events indicators yes yes
CellsPerHour property yes yes
Custom cell size (CellWidth or CellHeight) yes yes
Lines between cells (inside one hour) yes no*
Width fixed or percent fixed
Height fixed, dynamic (shows business hours or full 24 hours) dynamic (shows all days)

* These features will be improved in the near future releases/service packs. It should reach the same level of functionality as the horizontal DayPilotCalendar control.

(F20) ASP.NET AJAX compatibility

All controls are be compatible with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions library (especially with UpdatePanel).

  • When DayPilot controls are placed inside an UpdatPanel the events are processed as partial postbacks (only the events where handling is set to PostBack).
  • The PostBack events of DayPilot controls placed outside of UpdatePanel can be set as triggers for UpdatePanel (see also AJAX and the rest of AJAX functions topic in the forums).

Known issues:

  • Scrollbar position is reset after partial postback.
  • Partial PostBack performed by UpdatePanel is slower than DayPilot's internal CallBack.

Both these issues are high priority issues for the next service pack.

(F27) Event delete button ("X")

Events can be deleted using native delete "X" icon (upper right corner of events).

This feature can be turned on by setting EventDeleteHandling to CallBack, PostBack, or JavaScript (Disabled by default). This action will fire server-side EventDelete event (for PostBack and CallBack).

(F28) Active header

Header clicking has a special new event: HeaderClick. It can be activated by setting HeaderClickHandling to either PostBack, CallBack, or JavaScript.

(F29) Moving/resizing/clicking can be disabled per event

BeforeEventRender event was extended to allow disabling move/resize/click/delete for events individually.

BeforeEventRenderEventArgs will have five new properties:

  • EventClickEnabled
  • EventDeleteEnabled
  • EventRightClickEnabled
  • EventMoveEnabled
  • EventResizeEnabled

Setting any of these properties to false disables the functionality for the given event. Note: It can only disable the functionality individually; if EventXXXEventHandling is set to Disabled setting EventXXXEnabled in BeforeEventRender will not enable it.

(F30) BeforeHeaderRender event

It is now possible to customize the header InnerHTML and ToolTip using a new BeforeHeaderRender event. This allows you to replace the header with a custom text or include images in the header.

(F31) EventRightClick event

There is a new EventRightClickHandling property that can be set to one of these values:

  • CallBack
  • ContextMenu (default)
  • Disabled
  • JavaScript
  • PostBack

The default value is ContextMenu and it means that the context menu is opened on right mouse click (if set). Setting the value to JavaScript will allow you to intercept menu opening (you can open the original menu from the JavaScript code using menuClientName.Show(e)).

(F32) ShowToolTip property

Event ToolTip can be disabled for all calendar events by setting ShowToolTip property to false.

(F33) Configurable column margin

Column margin (free space next to the events) can be set to any number of pixels using ColumnMarginRight property (default 5 pixels).

Bug fixes

Bug Situation Browsers Details
Time zone safety Client is in a different time zone than the server. All The AJAX operations (move, resize, and time range selection) passed shifted time to the server (equal to the difference between the time zones of the client and the server).
Hand cursor on events EventClickHandling set to Disabled. All The cursor was changed to hand (pointer) on the event although the event was not clickable.
Line break appended after CallBack After CallBack. IE6/7 A new line break was inserted immediately after DayPilotCalendar after CallBack.
Flashing on CallBack CallBack for event move or resize. IE6/7 The whole page shortly flashed (sometimes) when CallBack was executed after event move or resize. This was caused by a semi-transparent event shadow in IE. The shadow was replaced by a dotted event outline.