DayPilot Pro 3.8 SP2

Released on July 15, 2007 (build 1092).

Bugs fixed

Bug Situation Browsers Details
MenuItem.NavigateUrl {0} and {1} replacement DayPilotMenu item action switched to NavigateUrl (Action="NavigateUrl") All "{0}" and "{1}" in MenuItem.NavigateUrl property are now properly replaced with DataValueField and DataTagField values.
Event deleting with custom JavaScript Event deleting handled using using custom JavaScript (EventDeleteJavaScript) that called eventDeleteCallBack() method. IE6/7 Event deleting activated event moving in IE6/7 and that was causing JavaScript error when EventDeleteJavaScript was calling dpc1.eventDeleteCallBack().
Selection border selectable When you start dragging on the event selection border. IE6/7 The border is now set as unselectable.

Other improvements

  • DayPilotCalendar.Event now has a new method: innerHTML(). It returns the value of BeforeEventRenderEventArgs.InnerHTML set in BeforeEventRender handler.