DayPilot Pro 3.9 SP2

Released on August 10, 2007 (build 1134).

New features and improvements

1. (DayPilot Scheduler) There is a new property in DayPilot Scheduler - ScrollPosition (DateTime). It allows you to set the initial position of the scrollbar. The default value is DateTime.Now so DayPilot Scheduler will automatically scroll to current date and time (if it's in the visible range).

2. (DayPilot Vertical) There is a new event in DayPilot Vertical - BeforeCellRender. It allows you to specify color or IsBusiness status for each time cell individually. This event is already supported in DayPilot Calendar and DayPilot Scheduler.

3. (DayPilot Scheduler) The Width setting API is changed in DayPilot Scheduler.

DayPilot Pro 3.9 SP1 and previous:

  • Width - not used
  • RowHeaderWidth - hardcoded, 80 pixels
  • ScrollAreaWidth - accessible, default is 500 pixels

DayPilot Pro 3.9 SP2:

  • Width - replaces ScrollAreaWidth (and will determine the total width)
  • RowHeaderWidth - accessible, default 80 pixels
  • ScrollAreaWidth - unavailable

Width property accepts units in pixels only. Width in percent is causing problems in IE. The future releases should allow percent as well.