DayPilot Pro 4.3 SP1

Released on December 19, 2007.

Features & fixes


  • System.Web.Extensions references removed (demo is now runnable without ASP.NET AJAX Extensions installed).
  • The demo automatically goes to DayPilot Calendar page (not showing the plain directory list anymore).

DayPilot Calendar

  • Header/column alignment fixed for HeightSpec="Full/BusinessHoursNoScroll" in IE7.
  • Events outside of the visible time range were still visible as zero-length events for HeightSpec="BusinessHoursNoScroll".
  • DayPilot Calendar can now show more than 100 columns (it was throwing a JavaScript error in IE).
  • Events with duration < 1 placed in the first minute of a cell are now rendered properly (they were not visible).
  • DayPilot Bubble is inactivated when context menu is active (

DayPilot Month