DayPilot Pro 4.3

Released on December 11, 2007 (build 1309).


(F45) Outlook-style month view

A new Outlook-style month view is now available (DayPilot Month control).


  • The control Width can be specified in pixels or in percent.
  • Configurable first day of week (WeekStarts property has three possible values: Auto, Monday, Sunday).
  • Month and day automatically using the current culture language.
  • Supports events spanning multiple days (including AJAX resizing and moving).
  • If the starting or ending time is not 00:00 it is indicated in the event.
  • The cell height automatically streches if there are too more events. You can specify the MinCellHeight.
  • Headers customizable using BeforeHeaderRender event.
  • Events customizable using BeforeEventRender event.
  • Cells customizable using BeforeCellRender event.

User actions supported:

  • EventClick
  • EventRightClick
  • EventMenuClick
  • EventMove (supports multiline and partially hidden events)
  • EventResize (supports multiline and partially hidden events)
  • TimeRangeSelected (limited support, just for click on a single cell)

Rendering events supported:

  • BeforeEventRender (configurable properties: BackgroundColor, InnerHTML)
  • BeforeCellRender (configurable properties: BackgroundColor, HeaderText, IsBusiness)
  • BeforeHeaderRender (configurable properties: BackgroundColor, InnerHTML)

Limitations of the first version:

  • CSS class styling not supported
  • Shows only a single month (maximum 6 rows)
  • Time range selection not supported
  • Events can't be disabled per event
  • Design-time preview is schematic only
  • Bubbles are not supported
  • ToolTips are not supported
  • Inline editing is not supported
  • Start and end time indicator can't be turned off



  • Value of e.Start property fixed in EventClick and other event-related events.

DayPilot Scheduler

  • Width in percent for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • HeaderFontColor property added.
  • LoadingLabelText marked as localizable.

DayPilot Calendar

  • ScrollUpLabelText, ScrollDownLabelText marked as localizable.
  • LoadingLabelText marked as localizable.
  • Minium event size fixed (it's now always at least 2 pixels).