DayPilot Pro 4.5 SP1

Released on February 26, 2008 (build 1366).

Main features

(F62) Bubbles enabled for DayPilot Month

DayPilot Month (the month view control) can now show event details using DayPilot Bubble (the dynamically-loaded ToolTip).

(F59) Refresh CallBack (DayPilot Month)

Possibility to refresh the view and switch the StartDate using refreshCallBack() method just like in DayPilot Calendar and DayPilot Scheduler.

(F63) Custom image for DurationBar (DayPilot Calendar)

Custom image for DurationBar (allows showing "tentative" status). This property will be accessible in BeforeEventRender (modifiable per event).

  • DurationBarImageUrl

(F64) Custom width of DurationBar (DayPilot Calendar)

Additional property for modifying the DurationBar width:

  • DurationBarWidth (in pixels, default value 5)

Bug fixes