DayPilot Pro 4.6 SP1

Released on March 17, 2008 (build 1385).

Main features

(F13) Multiple columns per day (DayPilot Calendar)

DayPilot Calendar now supports column hierarchy.

1. You can show multiple resources for each day:

2. You can show different number of resources for each day:

3. You can aggregate resources into groups:

4. You can show resource details in additional header rows:

The number of header rows is not limited, the hierarchy can show even 3 or more levels:


How it works:

  • It's an extension of the Resources view that can show multiple rows in the header.
  • The Column class is extended and it can contain other columns as Children.
  • The HeaderLevels property determines the number of rows in the header.


  1. Set ViewType="Resources".
  2. Set HeaderLevels="2".
  3. Generate the Columns hierarchy in Page_Load:
        for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
            DateTime day = DateTime.Today.AddDays(i);

            Column c = new Column(day.ToShortDateString(), day.ToString("s"));
            c.Date = day;

            Column c1 = new Column("A", "A");
            c1.Date = day;

            Column c2 = new Column("B", "B");
            c2.Date = day;


This example can be found in Demo/Calendar/ResourcesMultiDayView.aspx and ResourcesMultiDayView.aspx.cs in the DayPilot Pro package.

In version 4.7 this file was renamed to Demo/Calendar/DaysResourcesView.aspx.