DayPilot Pro 4.6

Released on March 9, 2008 (build 1380).

Main features

(F61) Double-click event (DayPilot Calendar)

Special double-click event was added (for calendar events) to DayPilot Calendar.

The possible handling modes (same as single click):

  • Disabled (default value)
  • JavaScript (runs custom code on the client side)
  • PostBack (runs the server-side event handler using PostBack)
  • CallBack (runs the server-side event handler using CallBack)
  • Edit (enters inline edit mode)
  • Select (selects the event, fires EventSelect event depending on EventSelectHandling value)
  • Bubble (shows a bubble for this event, see also below)

It automatically detects double clicks: no EventClick event will be fired if the second click happens within 300 ms:

  • You can use both EventClick and EventDoubleClick event handlers at the same time.
  • Each of these events can perform a different action, e.g. inline editing on double click, opening event bubble on single click.

(F65) Bubble can be invoked using click events (DayPilot Calendar)

Available for the following events:

  • EventClick
  • EventDoubleClick
  • EventRightClick

At this moment it's only supported in DayPilot Calendar. Other controls (DayPilot Scheduler, DayPilot Month, DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler) will follow.

In order to show the bubble only upon event click do the following:

  1. Set EventClickHandling to "Bubble".
  2. Set EventHoverHandling to "Disabled" (the default "Bubble value would activate the bubble on hover).
  3. Assign your DayPilot Bubble control id to BubbleID property.
  4. Set DayPilotBubble.HideAfter property to "0" (this will prevent automatic bubble hiding on mouseout).