DayPilot Pro 4.7

Released on April 23, 2008 (build 1399).

Main features

(F66) Separators (DayPilot Scheduler)

A possibility to insert a vertical line at a specified time position in DayPilot Scheduler.

Status: Implemented

(F67) Double-click event for time range selection (DayPilot Calendar)

Persistent time range selection (selection that doesn't fire TimeRangeSelected right after the dragging is finished - TimeRangeSelectedHandling is set to Hold or HoldForever) is extended in DayPilot Calendar to allow the following actions:

  • context menu
  • double click (new)

The double click is handled according to TimeRangeDoubleClickHandling value:

  • Disabled (default)
  • JavaScript (TimeRangeDoubleClickJavaScript is fired on the client side)
  • PostBack (fires TimeRangeDoubleClick using PostBack)
  • CallBack (fires TimeRangeDoucleClick using CallBack)

Status: Implemented

(F68) Cell header background colors (DayPilot Month)

Cell header background color can be changed globally (using CellHeaderBackColor property) or individually (using BeforeCellRender and e.HeaderBackColor) in DayPilot Month.

Status: Implemented

Fixes and minor improvements (beta)

DayPilot Bubble

  • The bubble was appearing at a wrong place when the server-side DayPilotBubble control was placed inside a relatively/absolutely positioned <div> element.
  • A new UseBorder property allows to turn off the bubble border.
  • When you set Width="0" the bubble width will be adjusted automatically according to the content.

DayPilot Month

  • BeforeCellRender is now properly called during CallBack/PostBack.
  • ToolTips enabled for events.
  • ShowToolTip property added (allows turning the ToolTips on/off).

DayPilot Calendar

  • ToolTips enabled for all-day events.

Fixes and minor improvements (final)

DayPilot Calendar

  • Case 1510 (bug): In Resources mode, columns without Date property specified caused NaN errors on EventMove and TimeRangeSelected events.
  • Forum 387 (bug): All-day events ending at 24:00 were visible on the following day.
  • Forum 399 (bug): Apostrophe character is now properly encoded in ToolTip.
  • Case 1527 (bug): If the number of columns was changed during CallBack (Refresh) it wasn't updated properly on the client side.
  • BUG: Empty Column.ToolTip value was transformed into "null" text in the ToolTip. 

DayPilot Month

  • Forum 396 (bug): BeforeHeaderRender was not called during CallBack.