DayPilot Pro 4.8 SP1

Released on June 2, 2008.

Fixes and minor improvements

DayPilot Month

  • Forum 424 (bug): Incorrect month name was rendered when BeforeCellRender event was handled
  • Forum 431 (bug): Day header is now marked with unselectable="on" (prevents text selecting in IE).

DayPilot Bubble

  • Case 1590 (bug): JavaScript error "'this.object.offsetWidth' is null or not an object" was appearing randomly during bubble activation.
  • Bug: Bubble position adjusting improved - it no longer renders outside of the visible area (there was a small 3 pixel horizontal overlap).
  • Forum 430 (improvement): A new ShowLoadingLabel property allows to skip the "Loading..." bubble phase (before the content is loaded from the server).

DayPilot Menu

  • Bug: Double calllback execution (second callback executed before the end of the first one) no longer causes JavaScript error.