DayPilot Pro 4.8

Released on May 20, 2008 (build 1425).

Main features

(F69) BeforeCellRender event (DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler)

DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler now supports BeforeCellRender event. It allows you to customize the business hours and/or colors of individual background cells.

Example that shows how to define a lunch break (Demo/Dynamic/Default.aspx.cs):

    protected void DynamicScheduler1_BeforeCellRender(object sender, 
DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeCellRenderEventArgs e) { if (e.Start.Hour == 13) // lunch break { e.IsBusiness = false; } }

Note: although BeforeCellRender can change IsBusiness status of a cell, the non-business hours hiding (ShowNonBusiness="false") is still driven by BusinessBeginsHour and BusinessEndsHour properties.

(F70) Fast date switching - .refreshCallBack (DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler)

A fast StartDate switching using a special callback method was added to DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler.

It works the same way as in the other controls (DayPilot Calendar, DayPilot Scheduler, and DayPilot Month):

  • On the client side, you invoke dpsd.refreshCallBack(date, days) method.
  • The parameters accepted for date are: a JavaScript Date object or an integer (integer value represents the number of days to be moved, backwards or forwards)
  • The days parameter will be passed as the new Days value to the server-side event handler.
  • Both values are available in the server-side Refresh event handler.

Example of the client-side call:

<a href="javascript:dpsd.refreshCallBack(1);">+1 day</a>

This sends StartDate + 1 day as e.StartDate to the Refresh event handler:

    protected void DynamicScheduler1_Refresh(object sender, DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.RefreshEventArgs e)
        DynamicScheduler1.StartDate = e.StartDate;


(F71) BeforeResHeaderRender event (DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler)

BeforeResHeaderRender allows custom rendering of row headers in DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler:

The following properties can be modified:

  • InnerHTML
  • BackgroundColor


protected void DynamicScheduler1_BeforeResHeaderRender
(object sender, DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeHeaderRenderEventArgs e) { if (e.Value == "E") { e.InnerHTML = String.Format("{0}", e.Name); e.BackgroundColor = "#ff8888"; } }

(F72) External Drag&Drop (DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler)

Dragging event from a custom external source (e.g. a list) is supported in DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler:

Fixes and minor improvements

DayPilot Calendar

  • Case 1543 (bug): Changing HeaderLevels in callback didn't work.
  • Case 1525 (bug): Bubble is now properly hiding upon mouseout.
  • Forum 403 (bug): TimeRangeDoubleClick event is now firing properly on the server side.
  • Improvement: ShowEventStartEnd property now determines whether the events show the starting and ending time (ported from DayPilotMonth).
  • Improvement: TimeFormat property now accepts Auto value in addition to Clock12Hours and Clock24Hours. TimeFormat="Auto" loads the preference from the currect culture settings.

DayPilot Month

  • Bug: Bubble is not activated anymore during event move/resize.
  • Bug: Bubble is now closed immediately when event moving is started.
  • Bug: Moving shadow was jumping to an incorrect position when cursor was on the ending time label inside an event (IE only).
  • Bug: Underlying div height is fixed (no more DayPilotMonth overlapping over the element below).
  • Improvement: TimeFormat property (values: Clock12Hours, Clock24Hours, Auto). Determines the format to be used for event times.
  • Improvement: Month names changed to nominativ (used to be genitiv, significant in selected languages only).

DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler

  • Bug: Starting and ending times of the scheduler were wrong when ShowBusiness="false" and CellDuration < 60.