DayPilot Pro 5.7 SP1

Released on July 30, 2009 (build 1870).

1. Separator Appearance Properties (DayPilot Scheduler)

The separators (DayPilot Scheduler) now have a few more appearance properties:

  • Width (width in pixels)
  • Layer (above or below the events)
  • Opacity (opacity in percent)

Example above:

// Red separator with 50% opacity placed at the current day with width equal to CellWidth, shown above events
DayPilotScheduler1.Separators.Add(DateTime.Today, Color.Red, SeparatorLayer.AboveEvents, DayPilotScheduler1.CellWidth, 50);

2. Overnight Scheduling - DayBeginsHour (DayPilot Calendar)

It's now possible to start a day at any hour (other than 00:00) in DayPilot Calendar.

Just set the DayBeginsHour property:


The column length will still be 24 hours but the first visible hour will be 6 AM.

3. StaticBubbleHTML (DayPilot Calendar)

In BeforeEventRender, it's possible to define the bubble content in advance. If e.StaticBubbleHTML is assigned, it will be used for the bubble content. The bubble will not contact the server in that case.

    protected void DayPilotCalendar1_BeforeEventRender(object sender, BeforeEventRenderEventArgs e)
        if (e.Value == "3")
            e.StaticBubbleHTML = "Static ToolTip";

4. Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

DayPilot Calendar

  • Bug (F-822): Event offset fixed for HeightSpec="BusinessHoursNoScroll"
  • Bug: Header column above scrollbar was causing problems when HeightSpec="Fixed" and Height was higher than actual calendar content.
  • Bug: e.Tag collection was not properly encoded in PostBack events.

DayPilot Scheduler

  • Bug: ResourceHeaderClick event is not fired when the users collapses/expands a tree node.

DayPilot Navigator

  • Improvement (F-776): SkipMonths property defines how many months to skip when clicking previous ('<') and next ('>') links.