DayPilot Pro 5.7

Released on July 22, 2009 (build 1863).

1. Hiding Non-Business Hours for DayPilot Scheduler

scheduler hide non business noborder600x302

Backported from DayPilot Dynamic Scheduler.

The missing rows are indicated by lines that use TimeBreakColor.


Status: Implemented

2. Dynamic Event Rendering (DayPilot Scheduler)

scheduler dynamic event rendering600x239


See also:

Status: Implemented

3. Resource Header Click Event for DayPilot Scheduler

scheduler resource header click489x181

Status: Implemented

4. Context Menu for Resource Headers (DayPilot Scheduler)

scheduler row header context289x181

Status: Implemented

5. SQL Server and ModalPopupExtender Tutorial (DayPilot Calendar)

calendar sql600x259

This sample used to be a part of the standard DayPilot Pro package as DemoSQL. An improved version is now available as DayPilot Calendar + SQL Server Tutorial:

  • SQL Server connection using SqlDataSource
  • Modal popup using ModalPopupExtender
  • UpdatePanel partial PostBacks mixed with fast internal CallBacks
  • System.Web.UI.Calendar used for navigation

Status: Implemented

6. Event Move/Resize Margin (DayPilot Scheduler)

EventMoveMargin property:


EventResizeMargin property:


Status: Implemented

7. CSS Style for Weekends (DayPilot Navigator)

Old style:

navigator weekend old142x161

New style:

navigator weekend142x161

The "navigator_silver" template is updated.

See also

Status: Implemented

8. Crosshair Color and Opacity (DayPilot Scheduler)

Default values

  • (CrosshairColor="Gray")
  • (CrosshairOpacity="20")
  • (Crosshair="Header")

scheduler crosshair default241x121

Custom values (header only)

  • CrosshairColor="Orange"
  • CrosshairOpacity="50"
  • (Crosshair="Header")

scheduler crosshair orange241x121

Custom values (full)

  • CrosshairColor="Orange"
  • CrosshairOpacity="50"
  • Crosshair="Full"

scheduler crosshair orange full241x121

Status: Implemented

9. Event Time Font (DayPilot Month)


Three new properties are available:

  • EventTimeFontFamily (default value "Tahoma")
  • EventTimeFontSize (default value "8pt")
  • EventTimeFontColor (default value "gray")

See also

10. CellBorderColor Property (DayPilot Scheduler)

scheduler cellbordercolor 389x181

11. EmptyBackColor Property (DayPilot Scheduler)

scheduler emptybackcolor258x121

12. Loading Label Properties (DayPilot Scheduler)

scheduler loading241x121

Existing properties:

  • LoadingLabelVisible (boolean)
  • LoadingLabelText (string)

New properties:

  • LoadingLabelBackColor (Color)
  • LoadingLabelFontColor (Color)
  • LoadingLabelFontSize (string)
  • LoadingLabelFontFamily (string)

13. Improved All-Day Events (DayPilot Calendar)

Old style:

calendar allday old600x67

New style:

calendar allday new600x66


  • All-day events spanning several days are now rendered as a single rectangle.
  • All-day events can be styled using CSS classes.
  • Independent font properties:
    • AllDayEventFontColor
    • AllDayEventFontFamily
    • AllDayEventFontSize

The class suffix used for all-day events is "alldayevent".

See also

14. Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

DayPilot Calendar

  • Bug (case 1903): EventDoubleClick event was not fired when EventClickHandling was set to "Disabled".
  • Improvement: Default browser context menu disabled for all parts of the control.

DayPilot Scheduler

  • Improvement: Default browser context menu disabled for all parts of the control.

DayPilot Month

  • Bug (case 2232): Events starting at 00:00 time with zero duration rendered incorrectly.
  • Improvement: Default browser context menu disabled for all parts of the control.