DayPilot Pro 5.9 SP1

Release date: May 3, 2010 (build 5.9.2015)

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • UpdatePanel in .NET Framework 4.0 (Visual Studio 2010) supported.

DayPilot Calendar

  • Bug: BeforeCellRender was bit called during PNG Export.
  • Bug: DurationBarVisible was ignored during DPC export.

DayPilot Scheduler

  • Bug: "element is undefined" JavaScript error fixed (for empty Resources collection).

DayPilot Month

  • Bug: BorderColor property was ignored.
  • Bug: PNG Export was throwing ArgumentOutOfRangeException.
  • Bug: BeforeCellRender was called for first 5 rows only.
  • Bug: BeforeCellRender was not working correctly for ShowWeekend=false.
  • Bug: BeforeCellRender not called for hidden cells anymore (weekend cells when ShowWeekend=false).

DayPilot Navigator

  • Bug: It was impossible to select days if CssClassPrefix was not specified.