DayPilot Pro 5.9 SP2

Release date: May 6, 2010 (build 5.9.2029)

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Bug: Vertical lines no longer disappearing in quirks/compatibility mode.


  • Bug: CellBubble was not activated.


  • Improvement: Additional styles for days in previous/next month. All visible days have the *cell class applied. In addition, days of the previous month have *previous class applied and days of the next month have *next class applied. (The asterisk will be replaced with CssClassPrefix value).
  • Bug: PostBack events were broken (Unrecognized value type (JSON{"action":...)).
  • Bug: Header titles were not corresponding to the day cells for WeekStarts=“Sunday“ and ShowWeekend=“false“.
  • Bug: TimeRangeSelected PostBack fixed ('$0k' is undefined).
  • Bug: First week fixed when ShowWeekend=“false“ and OnBeforeCellRender event handled.
  • Bug: showing correct number of rows when ShowWeekend=“false“.