DayPilot Pro 6.0 SP1

Release date:  June 30, 2010 (build 2078)

(F) Custom Duration Bar Image Support (Scheduler)

scheduler duration bar image

The custom duration bar image can be set using BeforeEventHandler (e.DurationBarImageUrl) in the Scheduler.

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Status: Implemented

(F) "Full" Event Arrangement Mode Added (Calendar)

calendar full event arrangement

DayPilot Calendar supports a new EventArrangement mode (Full).

Status: Implemented

(F) Wildcard Resource (Calendar, Scheduler)

Both the Calendar and the Scheduler now support a wildcard resource/column. If you specify "*" as the Resource/Column value it will show all events (regardless of their resource id).

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Status: Implemented

Bug Fixes


  • Bug (F-707): Unsupported escape sequence exception fixed. Appeared when the event text contained a backslash character '\'.

DayPilot Scheduler

  • Bug: 'this.divCrosshair' is null or not an object error fixed.