DayPilot Pro 6.2 SP4

Release date: December 21, 2010 (build 2175)

(F) AJAX CallBack POST Compression (DayPilot Scheduler)

The POST content during AJAX callback can be compressed using LZJB algorithm.

  • Useful when showing large Resource collections.
  • The compression ratio is about 50%.

See also:

(F) Recurrence Core Rewritten (DayPilot Calendar)

The original recurrence implementation based on cron syntax (NCrontab library) had several flaws:

  • Weekly rule was not expanding to the following year (the
  • Daily rule (every 2+ days) got reset every week.
  • The first day of week was hardcoded to Sunday.

The new implementation expands the rules correctly.

There are several changes:

  • Cron rules are no longer supported (FromCron() method is not available).
  • The storage format is different but the old format can be read without problems. The new and updated rules are saved in the new format. (RecurrenceRule.Encode() and RecurrenceRule.Decode() methods).

(F) Custom First Day Of Week

There is a new WeekStarts property that allows you to set custom first day of week. The default value is Auto - it reads the first day of week value from the current thread (Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.FirstDayOfWeek).

It affects the week view (ViewType="Week") and the recurrence rules (RecurrenceRule.Weekly()).

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements


  • Improvement: All-day event text background is now transparent. This works better for all-day events styled using a background image.
  • Bug: ShowHeader="false" was causing "this.nav.header is null or not an object" error on CallBacks/PostBacks.
  • Bug: Message dialog box (alert) was appearing during event disposing (IE8 in compatibility mode and previous IE versions).


  • Improvement: TreeImageCollapse, TreeImageExpand, and TreeImageNoChildren URLs are now resolved using ResolveUrl(). This means tildas will work now (e.g. "~/images/tree_nochildren.png").


  • Bug: TimeRangeDoubleClick was not firing when TimeRangeSelected was also active (a single click prevented the double click).

Context Menu

  • Bug: MenuItem.Command value was not accessible in JavaScript handler.