DayPilot Pro 6.2 SP6

Release date:  January 18, 2011 (build 2199)

(F) New Scroll Labels (Calendar)


The Calendar now supports scroll labels again. These little marks indicate that there is an event in a hidden part of a column.

The previous implementation (available up to 5.5 release) used just two labels (one for each scrolling direction) and the hidden event detection was common for all columns.


  • ScrollLabelsVisible (bool) - enabled by default
  • ScrollUpLabelText (string) - obsolete, the value is ignored
  • ScrollDownLabelText (string) - obsolete, the value is ignored

Bug Fixes


  • Bug: The LZJB compression library is now detected properly.
  • Bug: Clicking the expand icon in dynamic tree loading mode doesn't fire ResourceHeaderClick event anymore.
  • Bug: Border separating duration bar from the rest of the event box now uses EventBorderColor instead of "black".
  • Bug: The TimeRangeSelected event was incorrectly fired twice when the cursor was moved to another row during time range selection (IE).
  • Bug: ResourceHeaderClick was throwing a NullReferenceException when invoked on one of the additional row header columns (RowHeaderColumnWidths property).


  • Improvement: DayPilot.Modal class supports changing z-index (zIndex property).
  • Improvement: Modal popup is limited to a single instance. Calling showUrl() while another modal popup is still open now has no effect.


  • XML Documentation is now fully up-to-date.