DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 2018.2.3657

Release date: May 11, 2018


  • [Scheduler] (build 3653)


  • [Month] Auto update type detection fixed (DayPilotMonth). (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] allowEventOverlap + disabled cells conflict fixed (Scheduler). (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] Row header column border (image export) fixed (Scheduler). (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] First column text width fixed (image export, Scheduler) (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.stopDragging() null reference fixed. (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] Errors in drag and drop between two Scheduler instances fixed. (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] Row header columns export fixed - missing args.row object when onBeforeRowHeaderExport is not defined (Scheduler). (build 3653)
  • Row autoexpand timeout canceled when moving events between two adjacent Schedulers without headers (fixed). (build 3653)
  • [Scheduler] Disabled cells error fixed (moving event over the edge) - Scheduler. (build 3653)