DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 2018.3.3671

Release date: August 17, 2018


  • DayPilotScheduler.Scroll/e.TruncateEvents (default: true) allows turning off truncating events outside of the viewport. (build 3659)
  • [Scheduler] SelectedEvents property used during initial page load and PostBack to load selected events (Scheduler). (build 3670)
  • [Calendar] Calendar themes updated (gradient syntax). (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] uses more precise search (doesn't require the data object). (build 3670)
  • Bubble DayPilot.Bubble.hide() (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] AutoScroll ("Drag") enabled during rectangle selecting (Scheduler). (build 3670)
  • Style for .month_default_event_hover removed from the built-in theme. (build 3670)
  • Separators marked with *_separator CSS class, separators[].cssClass property supported. (build 3670)
  • [Month] Checking for visibility during export. (build 3670)
  • [Calendar] Checking for visibility during export. (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] Automatically adding *_cell_disabled class to disabled cells (Scheduler). (build 3670)
  • [Calendar] Calendar themes updated (crosshair, forbidden shadow location, loading label). (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] Checking for visibility during export. (build 3670)
  • Bubble Bubble hiding logic improved (keep active when hovering bubble or source element). (build 3670)


  • [Scheduler] Corrupted tree node images fixed (source package). (build 3662)
  • [Calendar] Calendar: touch event moving fixed (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] Row header column export error fixed (Scheduler). (build 3670)
  • [Calendar] All-day context overflow CSS fixed (Calendar). (build 3670)
  • Context menu: Submenu fixed on touch devices (build 3670)
  • Dragging between two Schedulers - event offset fixed (if target contains source date). (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] Row header resizing issue fixed (increasing the width when rowHeaderScrolling = true) in the Scheduler (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] "Cannot read property 'getDatePart' of undefined" error fixed (resizing Scheduler events when eventEndSpec="Date"). (build 3670)
  • [Month] Month: header text overflow fixed (default CSS theme). (build 3670)
  • [Scheduler] "Unspecified error" (IE 11) fixed - caused by delayed bubble activation (collapsed tree nodes in the Scheduler). (build 3670)