DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 6.8

Release date: May 8, 2012 (build 2460)

Notify Event Model

scheduler notify

The Scheduler supports a fast Notify model. It allows to make changes to the event set on the client side without waiting for a response from the server side.

The client-side operations are now heavily optimized. All changes (event adding, deleting, moving, resizing) take under 100 ms, regardless of the total number of events displayed.


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  • Modal.js: Automatic height supported (build 2432)
  • Modal.js: className property supported (build 2432)
  • [Month] ShowWeekend synchronization fixed. (build 2432)
  • [Calendar] "'offsetWidth' is null or not an object" JavaScript error fixed (external drag&drop) (build 2433)
  • [Calendar] Multiday allday events supported in Calendar/Resources view. (build 2434)
  • All controls marked as Themeable (build 2435)
  • [Navigator] Zero-duration events accepted. (build 2436)
  • [Scheduler] Event resizing and moving in Notify mode optimized. (build 2437)
  • [Scheduler] DurationBarVisible supported during export. (build 2439)
  • [Scheduler] Tree node expanding/collapsing optimized. (build 2440)
  • [Scheduler] events.add() optimized. (build 2444)
  • [Scheduler] All client-side event changes heavily optimized (,,, including Notify mode for EventResize and EventMove). (build 2451)
  • [Scheduler] Progressive event rendering speed improved. (build 2455)
  • [Scheduler] ResourceExpand and ResourceCollapse events added. (build 2456)