DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 7.1

Release date: October 1, 2012 (build 2695)


CSS Theme Designer (Scheduler)

scheduler css theme designer

You can design your own CSS theme (for CssOnly mode) using an online WYSIWYG designer:

Active Areas for Events (Scheduler)

scheduler active areas event

Custom active areas for events (BeforeEventRender/e.Areas).


Active Areas for Resources (Scheduler)

scheduler active areas resources

Custom active areas for resource headers (BeforeResHeaderRender/e.Areas).


Active Areas for Events (Calendar)

calendar active areas event

Custom active areas for events (BeforeEventRender/e.Areas).


Active Areas for Column Headers (Calendar)

calendar active areas header

Custom active areas for column headers (BeforeHeaderRender/e.Areas).


Crosshair (Calendar)

Crosshair = Header

calendar crosshair header

Crosshair = Full

calendar crosshair full


System.Globalization.Calendar Support (Scheduler)


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  DayPilotScheduler1.DateTimeFormatInfo = new CultureInfo("ja-jp", false).DateTimeFormat;
  DayPilotScheduler1.DateTimeFormatInfo.Calendar = new JapaneseCalendar();

  int year = DayPilotScheduler1.Calendar.GetYear(DateTime.Today);
  DayPilotScheduler1.StartDate = new DateTime(year, 1, 1, DayPilotScheduler1.Calendar);
  DayPilotScheduler1.Days = DayPilotScheduler1.Calendar.GetDaysInYear(year);

  // ...


Windows 8 Theme (Scheduler)

scheduler windows 8 theme


Duration Bar in CssOnly Mode (Scheduler)

scheduler duration bar css theme


Percent Complete (Scheduler)

scheduler percent complete


Header Height Auto-Fit (Calendar)

calendar header height auto fit


Time Header Cell Duration (Calendar)

calendar time header cell duration


Active Areas for Events (Month)

month active areas events



  • [Calendar] Full update in CssOnly mode fixed. (build 2639)
  • [Scheduler] Message helper div was masking the first resource. (build 2639)
  • [Month] Blue theme header background fixed. (build 2639)
  • [Demo] Message bar less transparent (themes). (build 2639)
  • [Demo] Deleting occurrence/series added (Caledar). (build 2640)
  • RecurrenceRule.Prefix() added. (build 2640)
  • RecurrenceRule.ParseStart() added. (build 2640)
  • [Scheduler] Theme 8 added. (build 2640)
  • [Scheduler] Message bar width fixed. (build 2642)
  • [Scheduler] e.BackgroundColor enabled in CssOnly mode. (build 2643)
  • [Month] Fixed: Writing custom HTML to cells caused an error: "HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: DOM Exception 3". (build 2644)
  • [Scheduler] Duration bar support added to CssOnly mode. (build 2647)
  • [Scheduler] BeforeEventRender: e.BackgroundImage, e.BackgroundRepeat, e.BorderColor supported in CssOnly mode. (build 2647)
  • [Scheduler] The default value of DurationBarVisible is false for CssOnly mode. (build 2648)
  • [Scheduler] System.Globalization.Calendar support added (DateTimeFormatInfo) (build 2648)
  • [Calendar] Event moving activated after dragging the event for at least 3 pixels. (build 2649)
  • [Month] Cell mode fixed (events were not showing up). (build 2650)
  • ConflictDetector extended (API, recurring events). (build 2656)
  • [Calendar] error fixed. (build 2657)
  • [Month] Preventing timeRangeSelected event on event click in cell stacking mode. (build 2661)
  • [Scheduler] DurationBarMode = "PercentComplete" implemented. (build 2662)
  • [Calendar] BeforeEventRender: e.BackgroundColor, e.BackgroundImage, e.BackgroundRepeat, and e.BorderColor supported in CssOnly mode (build 2663)
  • [Scheduler] BeforeCellRender: e.BackgroundColor, e.BackgroundImage, e.BackgroundRepeat supported in CssOnly mode. (build 2666)
  • [Scheduler] .prefix_cellparent class always added to parent resource cells. (build 2667)
  • [Scheduler] .scrollToResource() added (client-side). (build 2668)
  • [Calendar] Zero-duration events with start on StartDate at 00:00 are displayed correctly. (build 2669)
  • [Scheduler] Zero-duration events with start on StartDate at 00:00 are displayed correctly. (build 2669)
  • [Scheduler] Active event areas implemented. (build 2670)
  • [Scheduler] Active areas for row headers. (build 2671)
  • [Calendar] Crosshair implemented. (build 2673)
  • [Scheduler] error fixed (dynamic loading). (build 2674)
  • [Calendar] Full crosshair mode supported. (build 2674)
  • [Calendar] Full crosshair disabled during drag&drop. (build 2677)
  • [Calendar] Active areas for events (BeforeEventRender/e.Areas). (build 2678)
  • [Calendar] Active areas for column headers (BeforeHeaderRender/e.Areas). (build 2678)
  • [Calendar] White theme fixed (cursor). (build 2686)
  • [Calendar] Crosshair hiding when calendar is inactive. (build 2686)
  • [Calendar] Hover fixed for all-day events. (build 2686)
  • Visual Studio 2012 solution added. (build 2687)
  • [Calendar] HeaderHeightAutoFit implemented. (build 2687)
  • [Calendar] TimeHeaderCellDuration implemented. (build 2689)
  • [Scheduler] Active event areas support drag&drop operations (resizing, moving). (build 2690)