DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 7.9 SP1

Release date: October 16, 2014 (build 7.9.3298)

Task Creating (Gantt) gantt task creating

RowCreateHandling, RowCreateJavaScript, RowCreatedJavaScript

Read more about Gantt task creating.

Row Creating (Scheduler) scheduler row creating

Read more about Scheduler row creating.

Block on CallBack (Scheduler) scheduler block on callback

An option to block Scheduler UI until the current callback is finished (ASP.NET).


This feature is turned off by default.

Grouping Concurrent Events (Scheduler) scheduler group concurrent events

Use GroupConcurrentEvents="true".

You can specify the limit of number of overlapping events that won't be grouped using GroupConcurrentEventsLimit. By default it is set to 1.

Read more about concurrent event groups.

Preventing Event Overlap (Scheduler) scheduler prevent event overlap

Use AllowEventOverlap="false".

Event overlapping will be checked during drag and drop operations (event moving, event resizing, time range selecting). Existing events won't be affected.

Read more about event overlapping.

Cell Sweeping Customization (Scheduler)

Use the following properties:

  • CellSweeping (default value: true)
  • CellSweepingCacheSize (default value: 1000)

CellSweeping enables sweeping grid cell DOM elements from visited areas.

CellSweepingCacheSize specifies the number of grid cells (outside of the viewport) that will not be cleared when CellSweeping is enabled.


  • Gantt: Row columns accessible in BeforeTaskRender event. (build 3286)
  • Gantt: UpdateWithMessage() with updateType. (build 3288)
  • Area supports Style(). (build 3293)
  • Demo: Visual Studio 2013 solution added.


  • [Scheduler] Scheduler, Gantt: Row moving cursor reset fixed. (build 3284)
  • Gantt: Row moving e.Source and e.Target lookup fixed. (build 3291)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler, Gantt: Row moving and active areas fixed. (build 3294)