DayPilot Scheduler Lite

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  • Simple and clean look.
  • Multiple resources on the Y axis.
  • Customizable time scale on the X axis (one cell = 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week ...).
  • Highlights business hours (customizable color).
  • Automatically handles concurrent events.
  • Customizable event box (text, size, background color, duration bar...).
  • Customizable fonts and colors.
  • Gantt chart view (one event per line)
  • Multiple header columns, drag&drop resizing
  • See also DayPilot Scheduler Pro features

Database Connectivity

  • DataSource and DataSourceID properties supported.
  • SqlDataSource
  • XmlDataSource
  • DataTable
  • DataSet
  • ArrayList
  • and other sources...

Rendering Events

  • BeforeEventRender - customization of event appearance and behavior
  • BeforeResHeaderRender - customization of row headers (including additional columns)

Event Handling

  • TimeRangeSelected event - Free time slot click event (automatic PostBack or manual JavaScript handling).
  • EventClick event - Calendar event click event (automatic PostBack or manual JavaScript handling).
  • HeaderColumnWidthChanged - fired on column width change (using drag&drop)